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Music was my first love ...
Even before I took classical guitar lessons in elementary school, I was in love with all things music. Even though my formal training was short-lived, it did teach me the fundamentals of harmony and playing techniques. From there on I am mostly self-taught and take a more “gut-feeling” approach to music, which, I believe, has served me well so far. Being an engineer in my day-job, it is definitely a welcome change of pace to also excercise the right half of my brain a little more.
As a music consumer I listen to a variety of different styles. Besides current popular and rock music I particularly also enjoy things like brazilectro, acid jazz, progressive rock, eclectic electronica, and demoscene music. A few representive examples: Bebel Gilberto, Suba, Jazzanova, IQ, Yes,  Imogen Heap, Mosaik.
Atari Demoscene

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My own music
Throughout my high school years I was active in the European Atari ST Demoscene under the moniker “Big Alec”. I know - don’t ask! Among other things I programmed the ST’s soundchip to make music for demos and even a few games.
Recently I picked up composing and music production again. This time around I use a MacBook Pro and Logic Express 8 as my platform. I also have a Roland XP-10 synth, a Washburn X20 electric guitar and an E-mu 0404 USB audio interface. Below you can find some of my recent music (only one song for now - sorry).
Remake of my Atari demoscene music:
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